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Systems Integration Example Diagram

Idea to Prototype

An industry leading digital production company approached Enharmonic with ideas for facilitating photography workflow through mobile, desktop, and web applications. Enharmonic:
  • Helped identify and specify user scenarios for the concepts most likely to get initial traction through the use of software.
  • Built initial prototypes for mobile and desktop versions of an application that work together to support several stages of the production process, and a high speed image reporting utility for the desktop.
  • Continues to work with the production company to refine prototypes towards acquiring funding for launch of the first product to market.
Systems Integration Example Diagram

Systems Integration

A major travel publisher asked Enharmonic for help modernizing their content publishing workflow and integrating content from multiple sources to publish to the web and outside licensing partners. Enharmonic:
  • Analyzed requirements and developed functional specifications for a new Content Management System and a new API Layer to integrate and distribute content.
  • Facilitated vendor and product selection for a new CMS.
  • Built an API layer and reporting tools that provide a consolidated view of content with easy-to-use filters for running reports and controlling partner access based on licensing agreements.
Systems Integration Example Diagram

Build App Component

A multidisciplinary design studio engaged Enharmonic for help with a challenging feature for a museum app that was well into development. Enharmonic:
  • Researched and developed a cross-platform (C++) component for rendering 3D scenes with the desired visual effects using standard open libraries combined with native app framework components.
  • Collaborated closely with designers making custom assets and other developers building the rest of the iOS and Android apps to deliver the integrated final product.
  • Build native iOS and Android components to handle integrating control of the 3D scenes with hardware input from native device frameworks (for compass, accelerometer, gyroscope).
Systems Architecture And Tech Lead Example Diagram

System Architecture & Tech Leadership

A major publisher engaged Enharmonic for help building a suite of language courses with web, iOS, and Android versions. Enharmonic:
  • Gathered initial requirements and translated them to technical specifications detailed enough to enable multiple vendors to bid for the work.
  • Provided overall tech project management for the multi-team project, including multiple design and development teams.
  • Built web and iOS components of the system, including full iPhone/iPad apps, a content management system, and web services needed by the apps and web site in order to deliver content and record user progress.
Build from Design Diagram

Build from Design

A cutting edge design and development studio approached Enharmonic during the design phase of a new app project for a major media property. Enharmonic:
  • Provided feedback on the technical feasibility of design concepts, suggesting directions that could best leverage the native capabilities of the platform.
  • Prototyped highly customized user interactions that were not available 'out of the box', helping the studio to refine their designs.
  • Collaborated very closely with the designer to build custom animations and image manipulation to dynamically generate short video intros, working frame by frame from design samples to achieve the end customer's vision.
  • Built and delivered the final iPhone app for the app store, where it has been garnering rave user reviews since it launched.

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