Living Language Online Courses & CMS

Development of a language courses website and Content Management System at the heart of a multi-platform product suite.
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Random House Digital, Inc.


Living LanguageĀ® was originally developed in 1946 for US service personnel and diplomats to become quickly conversant in a foreign language. Enharmonic built a custom Content Management System (CMS) to create and manage the multi-platform content, and the website for the online course (in addition to building the iOS apps).


  • Editors can easily create new courses by building up to three levels of course structure (levels, units, and lessons), creating instructional content and 8 types of game and activity modules, and testing all content on a staging environment before deployment.
  • The data set for each language course is substantial, composed of over 80,000 lines of JSON content, and hundreds of megabytes of images and audio.
  • eCommerce integration supports multiple pricing models (subscriptions, credits) as well as product activation based on codes in retail packaging.
  • The system manages scheduling of live online eTutoring sessions, allowing administrators to create schedules and assign teachers, and for students to book specific sessions.
  • Administrators are provided fast access to all aspects of user accounts, giving them the power to troubleshoot and resolve any customer issues with course provisioning or access without involvement from developers.
  • Enharmonic also built a data importer and validator that checks and reports issues in the formatting of course content and assets for all platforms, and packages content into a database format for the iPhone/iPad apps, speeding up deployment of content updates to mobbile.

Living Language Online