3D Panoramas for The Field Museum Apps

Playful, immersive “augmented reality” panoramas celebrate the wondrous event that birthed a cultural institution.
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The Field Museum of Chicago grew out of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, which led to founding financial support for the museum and donations and purchases of over 50,000 exposition objects to the museum’s initial collection.
To celebrate the expo’s anniversary, the museum engaged NYC design studio Potion to create iOS and Android apps that guide visitors on tours, including highlights of a special anniversary exhibit celebrating the 1893 exposition.
Potion hired Enharmonic to implement immersive 3D panoramas for the Tours App, which render fanciful 3D scenes by projecting historical photos and other artifacts into a 3D space.


  • Scan QR codes associated with exhibit objects to view surreal panoramic scenes inspired by the objects.
  • Explore panoramas fluidly and naturally by rotating the device in space to see a window into a 360-degree world.
  • Carefully tuned multi-layered 3D scenes create parallax for depth and effects such as floating text.
  • Panorama engine also supports in-scene animations for highlights such as glimmering fireworks and animals transforming into their skeletons.
  • Enharmonic built Android and iOS versions of the panoramas, with lower level 3D code shared across platforms and native Java and Obj-C integration into app UIs and on-device motion sensing hardware.


Project Credits

Enharmonic iOS & Android App Development for Panoramas Feature
Potion Design Concept & Design Development
Software Development
Graphic & Interactive Design
The Field Museum Content Development
DDB Brand Management