Smithsonian Channel iPhone App

Delivering the world through video in a delightful, elegant interface.
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Potion Design


When superlative interaction design and technology firm Potion needed some assistance updating their innovative iPad app for the Smithsonian Channel and expanding the experience to iPhone, they called on Enharmonic.
Enharmonic rewrote and modernized the video player, created dynamically generated interstitial animations to introduce each video, and built the new iPhone UI including the highly customized Quick Picks interface. Potion’s cutting edge design for Quick Picks uses particle systems, custom gestures, and dynamic animation to deliver a fresh new experience for exploring videos.


  • Explore the world through a broad and deep library of videos.
  • Dynamic interstitial animations provide a beautiful transition between videos that aesthetically ties back to the television experience.
  • The new Quick Picks feature for iPhone is a whimsical way for users to explore videos in their favorite categories, with custom UI gestures to browse and refresh the list of suggested videos, and graceful animations that bring the experience to life.

App Store Highlights

  • Featured by Apple in the main app store page and in the Entertainment category.
  • 5-Star rated app with many praises for its “beautiful”, “striking”, “glorious” design.

Project Credits

Enharmonic iPhone App Development
iPad and iPhone Video Player and Interstitials
Potion Design Visual and Interaction Design
Concept Development
iOS Development