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Tutorial: Particle Systems in Core Animation with CAEmitterLayer


Particle Systems Particle systems are fun visual candy to add to your apps. They are often used to create smoke, explosions, and fire effects in games. They make great touches in productivity apps as well. Delicious Library, for example, famously consumes a book with a fire animation when you remove a book from your virtual […]

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Protip: Disable Drop Shadows on Screenshots


Screenshots are a fantastic tool to visually communicate with clients, users, and colleagues. Mac OSX provides excellent tools for capturing screenshots right out of the box. Screenshot Keyboard Shortcuts Shortcut What it Does Command-Shift-3 Captures the contents of the entire screen, and saves it to a file on the desktop. If more than one screen […]

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Tutorial: Sharing Data Locally Between iOS Apps


In the sandboxed world of iOS development sharing data between applications can prove difficult. There are a number of reasons you may want your application to share data with other applications. Releasing a paid app upgrade with a new SKU. Moving user data to a universal binary. Releasing a suite of complementary applications. Partnerships with […]

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Augmented Reality on iPhone code

In preparation for the Augmented Reality class that Jonathan Blocksom and I taught at the recent iPhone / iPad devcon, Using AVFoundation video capture, we modernized and completed the example found at using NyARToolkit (GPL) on iOS. It’s a great example of the kinds of things we can do now that we have fast […]

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Jonathan is speaking at iPhone iPad Devcon

Jonathan is talking at the upcoming iPhone iPad Devcon in Boston from April 4 through 6. He is also teaching a full day class with Jonathan Blocksom on Augmented Reality! The latest version of the slides for the Augmented Reality Full day class is here. (Last Mod: 20110314) There will be a whole packet of […]

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